"as is my want, i / gaze heaven-ward, and dare to / dream of angels' wings"

a daily celebration of all the wonder, the splendour, the sheer majesty so indicative of the skies above my humble abode

her skies are rife and / brimming with tales of hope and / eternal promise <3

even so, mine eyes / turn dusky grey, as the skies / are slowly dwindling

for i seek only / to drown in a blaze of her / westerly glory <3

she held a thousand / perfect sunsets in the grasp / of her campfire hands 

i looked on in awe / while my skies were cloaked with her / sweet lunar magic <3

i caught her eyes, as / a thousand tiny sunsets / danced upon the lake <3


and she, of night time / orb, sits cameo among / the gathering clouds

and she, of sound and / brilliant mind, would lift my soul / to trace the heavens <3

as uncertainty / gathers, the skies turn to clay / and mine eyes grow dim

as i fell to the / earth, my hands begged to trace her / radiant splendour <3

slowly, i drink in / her tranquil waters, nourished / for eternity <3

i linger ‘neath her / twilight canopy, with a / pocketful of hope <3

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce